Hollie Clere

Please select a service to make a booking. NOTE: MST Time Zone. If this is our first visit, it is best to select “Get to know you call” first.

If you select a time that is already booked, it will not process your request. Please select the service listed for the time slot available. If the booking does not provide a confirmation email, the time selected, will already have a commitment.

Thank you! I look forward to our visit!

15-20 Minute Get to know you Teleconference

This is a phone meeting to briefly visit and learn about eachothers goals.

  • Each person has 10 minutes to educate the other on our business and how to best refer eachother.
(15 minutes)

1 to 1 Via Zoom / Telephone

15 Min Session for Each of us to discuss our Ideal Referral and Pain points we solve for others. Please indicate which you prefer - phone or zoom.

(30 minutes)

Social Media Discovery Session Teleconference

This event is teleconference only
This is a 30 minute introductory discovery session for those seeking an opportunity for social media support

(30 minutes)

Technical Interview Teleconference

This event is via teleconference only

(1 hour)

Social Media Reveal Tele-WebConference

This event is via Teleconference and Online Screen Share Only
Reveal of the Project after a Revamp, Build or Profile Launch
Plan for 45-60 minutes, you will need Internet during this session

(1 hour)

Social Media Training Session

If this is an in-person event, please also schedule 30 minute travel time before and after the event and please note travel in your booking If this is a Teleconfrence, please only schedule 1 hour incriments
$150/hour for 1 individual and will be invoiced through PayPal or Credit Card via invoice prior to the session starting. Additional rates apply for additional attendees.

(1 hour)
$ 150.00

Quarterly Marketing Check In Session

This is via Zoom
This is a 30 minute zoom to check in on progress of your marketing implementation, review reports and adjust programming as needed

(30 minutes)

Quarterly Content Strategy or Paid Ad Program Development

Includes: 1: 2-hour Strategy Development Session
Weekly and Monthly Editorial Calendar Development for that Quarter
Language and Image consulting for paid Ads (or Content, which ever you are selecting)
Training access in SocialPowerProgram.com during quarter
Includes: 4: 30 minute Project Review Sessions: Content, Hashtags, Boosting, Targeting
1: 30 minute Next steps session
Review of reports Mid quarter, adjustments based off of activity and engagement
This booking selection is for the first Road Map Session

(2 hours)
$ 497.00

Speaking/Trainining Opportunity for your Group or Team

Custom Presentation for your Team or Group based off of the topics we agree upon. Session is 1-2 hours


  1. Custom Presentation
  2. 1 Hour Interview on the topics, culture and challenges you would like to cover with the team
  3. Onsite Location and Technology Review
  4. Presentation Review prior to the training
  5. Final edits with client to presentation and handouts

Travel, accommodations, incidentals, printouts to be provided by client

(2 hours)
$ 500.00